Evgeni Chuikov was born in the village of Nizhni Ryaut near Kursk, Russia in 1924.  Although his formal art education was limited, Chuikov was an important member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and served as Chairman of the Union of Zaporozhe Artists for 15 years.

Known primarily for his vivid landscapes, Chuikov studied extensively under fellow Zaporozhe artist Georgi Kolosovski (1913-1985), a noted landscape painter who began private teaching shortly after World War II.  Kolosovski’s influence on Chuikov’s works may be seen in both his fresh and bright palette and his expressive, confident brushstrokes.  Both impressionists acknowledged being significantly influenced by the famed French Impressionists.  Chuikov further acknowledged being influenced by Scottish colorists and American landscape painters.  All these factors contributed to the beautiful and joyous landscapes consistently painted by Chuikov.  The talented artist painted with many of Ukraine’s most noted artists, including Kolosovski and Yuri Simonov.

Chuikov was highly respected in Ukraine/Russia throughout his career.  In 1995, he was awarded the title of People’s Artist, the highest accolade for artists in Ukraine and Russia.  More recently, Ukraine renamed the Annual State Prize for Painting of the Zaporozhie Region the Evgeni Chuikov Prize.

Evgeni Chuikov, a decorated hero of World War II, died at his home in Zaporozhe in March, 2000.  He is listed in Matthew Bown’s A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters, 1900 – 1980’s

EVGENI CHUIKOV: Museums That Hold His Works

National State Art  Museum, Kiev,  Ukraine

Donetsk State Art Museum, Donetsk, Ukraine

Dnepropetrovsk State Art Museum, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Nikolaev State Art Museum, Nikolaev, Ukraine

Vinitsa State Art Museum, Vinitsa, Ukraine

Zaporozhie State Art Museum, Zaporozhie, Ukraine

Sumy State Art Museum, Sumy, Ukraine

Tula State Art Museum, Tula, Russia

Turin Art Museum, Turin, Italy

EVGENI CHUIKOV: Major International Exhibitions

1968 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Paris, France

1972 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Cyprus

Art from the USSR, Helsinki, Finland

1973 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Wroclaw, Poland

1978 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, West Berlin, Ger.

Exhibition of Soviet Art, Montreal, Canada

1979 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Croatia, Yugoslavia

1983 Soviet Art Exhibition, Montreal, Canada

Following the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, Chuikov’s works were featured in 12 exhibitions in the United Kingdom, two in Paris, and one in Los Angeles.

­In 2011 Kiev National Museum of Art held an exhibition of works by Evgeniy Chuikov and Valeriy Chuikov.